Girls and chocolatCHOCOe have been known to work together for years, if you have a cold a hot chocolate will fix you up, valentines day buy your girlfriend a box of chocolates and flowers, have a picnic strawberries and chocolate are always needed…Going on a diet just have dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. tumblr_lqfuziNlzV1qcsb7zo1_500

Chocolate is the cure for everything if you are a girl… you can even get chocolate face masks if you have bad skin !! But us girls have been known to love chocolate more than any other food. Why ?? Chocolate is known to raise you blood sugar levels in your blood and makes you feel good by increasing levels of serotonin in your brain. Research shows that chocolate has the same alkaloid compounds that make alcoholics addicted to alcohol…And chocolate is just too good which also is why so many girls crave chocolate so much…xx

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