IMG_9103The little wings hiding in the flowers … yellow, black and all to fluffy. Bees tiny little bumble bees, which always remind me of fairy’s dancing around the flower beds collecting pollen and bringing the flowers alive.

IMG_9099So when i was in our garden watering the flowers only to realise i was scaring away the little bumble bees, i ran beck inside to grab my camera and take a snap shot of the little creatures, in there own tiny world, doing there   own tiny jobs, like we do ours.

And i wondered what it would be like to live a IMG_9102simple life where you flyaround the flowers collecting pollen to take home and turn into sweet honey which i don’t actually know if they even eat or not, but there we go.

And when i was lost in my own thought i got lost even more by imagining all the tiny or big lives that go n around us how every one animal or human insect or bird. how we are all doing the same thing. Travelling out of our homes to work ad collecting money or pollen in which we use to look after our selfs and the IMG_9098bees use to make honey.

But both of us getting lost in our own lives, and how the bee was so busy collecting his pollen that he didn’t notice me which my camera peering into his life, and how many little creatures we must not notice in our daily life yet all of u are doing the same thing, but all of us clueless to each other.


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