Beauty Brows

caraeyebrows Eye Brows are a MAJOR part to our beauty routines now, With BIG being in totally in. Ever since Cara Delevingne won model of the year award in 2012 and 2014 her brows have been everywhere. They are almost as famous as she is. And when she was asked “how do you get them?” .. she replied i do nothing, i don’t even let other people touch them. Cara has literally convinced an entire generation to ditch tweezers. And are now turning to eyebrow pencils and extensions……LOVE WIZ



Whilst  trecking across the crisp winter fields, allowing shorts  (my v.fury dog) to enjoy his night time sniffs, the sun started to disappear leaving behind a trail of colour and beauty. Along our walk I knelt behind large puddles and ponds to catch the sunset in the reflection and the sky,magnifying the colours.Photographs taken by my Iphone 6 then edditd via photoshop. LOVES WIZ X.