My BFF ‘Abnormal Beauty company’ products…

abnormal beauty company

The Abnormal Beauty company has completely cheated the beauty industry, by incorporating products we would normally have to pay a pretty penny,  such as ‘Hydraulic Acid’ and ‘Niacinamide’ into serums for just £5.00 such as my fav ‘nicacinamide 10% + zinc 1%‘ which is perfect for troubled skin in helping balance out the oils and thereby eradicating spots after a couple of regular uses. Although if you use this product I would recommend applying my 2nd BF ‘Hydraulic Acid 2% + B5′ which is the perfect non oil moisturising serum – I apply religiously every night in my skin care routine.

The Abnormal Beauty company has stolen a huge fraction of the beauty industry, by completely undercutting prices and still producing high quality stylish goods. In the past I have been a huge fan of ‘Skin Ceuticals’ Retexturing activator which the Abnormal

Beauty company have taken and transformed into ‘nicacinamide 10% + zinc 1%’ the same ingredients for a fraction of the price. Meaning all you girls out their now have an excuse for an extra pair of shoes a month !!

abnormal beauty company interior

So for any one with bad skin or high maintenance skin wanting to fatten their purses, The Abnormal Beauty company is perfect in providing us with almost legitimate black market goods form the beauty industry – taken straight from ‘La Mer’s’ and ‘Skin Ceuticals’ catalogues and shipped to us in style.




4 hairstyles for rainy days…

4 Real easy hairstyles for those rainy afternoons…& How to turn a bad hair day into a natural (i’m not even trying) tumbler photo edit.

messy-pony-tail#1  The favourite messy pony tail, For those late morning panics, or get out of my face days. The messy pony tail is your latest BF. Just flip your head upside down, loosely gather your hair in one hand, Flip you head back up…Then loosen the top part of your hair by moving your hand slightly lower down your head. Tie it up with a cute scrunchy or bobble, securing however tightly you wish. Then to loosen your bangs gently run your hands through the top half of your head, and let them frame your face. Tadaaa your perfect bad hair day quickfix.

Just remember the beauty of this look is for it to be slightly messy… you don’t want a smooth head, so if your finding you cant quite get the messy casual look try straight away, try a little back combing through your bangs. It should do the trick!


#2 The classic messy bun, the most famous messy hair look for all girls and your partner in crime for any early morning coffee runs. To be worn high or low, Fat or thin, Messy or Messy… Simply flip your head over gather up your hair in one hand, use your fingers to run you hand through the roots to gather volume. Flip your head back over and tie it up like a pony tail, on the last pull through the bobble leave the hair half way through (so it looks like a floppy croissant) Then pull the hair around the front (now it should look like a donut) And tie another bobble around that. The faster you tie your bobble around your hair donut the messier it will be. Then if you want some loose bangs, just run your finger through the roots of your hair. And bam you’ve got yourself the most renowned messy bun out there…

up-knot-hair-style #3 The half knot, becoming more and more popular the half knot is a simple stylish look, if you just want your bangs out of your eyes…Or your sporting some killer lashes and you want the maximum impact! Simply run your fingers through the top half of your hair, gather up the strands, place however high or low you want the bun. And secure with a scrunchy. When securing you can either twist your hair so its in a long sausage then wrap it around you bobble and tie with another clip. Or you can gather up your strands and quickly pull the hair half way through each time you twist the bobble. Giving you a loose care free half knot, with a gorgeous messy effect. For whatever the occasion…I mean Kendal Jenner was even seen rocking this look fro the 2016 VS fashion show in paris, It really is a killer look.


#4 The double bun (a modern princess Liea). A super cute messy look that truly frames your face beautifully. You can wear it as low as you want or as high as you want and still pull of the same OMFG effect. Start by dividing your hair into two. Then run your fingers through the hair to gather the loose strands and pull them on top of your head. Tie the hair up as if your putting it into a pony tail, Then gather up the ends of the hair and loosely wrap it around the bobble (use the bobble as a base to balance your bun, & if your struggling to secure the bun use some Bobbi pins as extra back up)  Then when your bun is secure run your fingers lightly through the top of your head, to create the slightly messy effect. Then just repeat on the other side until you have two gorgeous little messy buns. Now you are the true modern day princess!!

Hope you loved these looks as much as I do…Love Dotwiz X.

The 5 Eye liner trends to master for 2017 |5 min read|



1.The Half way wing, creates a natural subtle liner, used to enhance the eye lashes. And has been a show stopper for the Catwalks, & predicted to be hitting the streets in the New Year, if your wanting to jazz up this gentle wing, add a small flick at the crease of your liner, creating the ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ famous winged liner.






gothic-line2. Gothic Go To Line, is the latest Dewy liner effect, an oil shimmer effect creates the perfect night out liner. Applied on both the upper & lower lashes it creates the perfect moody gothic look, which is becoming highly popular with models this season. Paired with natural make-up and subtle shaded lips it can be a show stopper at any party.






3.last-nights-liner Last Nights Liner, A dark sexy combination on pre loved liner at the end of a day, is the latest trend and super easy to pull off. Use a dark water-based liner on the bottom lid, to create you slightly worn/ used look, and a faded/ smudgy powdered liner on the top lid, creating a shadowed effect. Or simply just your end of day Liner…Creates a to die for natural sexy smoky eye with out any of the fuss.





twin-wing4. Twin Wings, a classic elegant look a perfect pair for any occasion, and outshining the original ‘Tiffany’s’ liner. This 60’s look, combining a double flick at the crease of your eye & the classic black cat liner running along the top lid, and the finishing touch a line of white inside your bottom lid. Is your every day perfection guarantee, a truly stunning look.







faded-flare5.Faded Flare, If you haven’t been blessed with the steady hand to created the forever lover crisp cat eye, then this is your new BFF. This tribal style, smudged liner creates a powerful & bold smokey eye without any of the precision, and will handle a wobble or slip up, and still take control of the night. With a powered base line under our lashes, and a powdered liner on the top lid, your almost sorted. The finishing touch is the smudged flare, which you need to fade across your lid. And you’ve just made yourself a new BFF, congrats!





Hope you all fall in love with these styles as much as I have…Dotwiz X.



Beauty Brows

caraeyebrows Eye Brows are a MAJOR part to our beauty routines now, With BIG being in totally in. Ever since Cara Delevingne won model of the year award in 2012 and 2014 her brows have been everywhere. They are almost as famous as she is. And when she was asked “how do you get them?” .. she replied i do nothing, i don’t even let other people touch them. Cara has literally convinced an entire generation to ditch tweezers. And are now turning to eyebrow pencils and extensions……LOVE WIZ


b+w messy bun headBad hair day, running late for work or school ? messy buns are perfect at getting that relaxed fashion look with little effort. This elegant messy bun works with any outfit from casual to smart, weddings to weekends.

These artfully messy buns have been a huge success with celebrities such as Emma Watson; Kim Kardashian, Rihanna  and Courtney Cox.

black and white messy bun

Messy buns work with any hair type from brown curls to straight blonds, it give you a relaxed simple and fashionable look, that is very popular with the Hollywood stars.

b+w messy bun lady full

For a messy bun tutorial click HERE.