BB|Brooklyn Beckham ‘what i see’

1280_brooklyn_beckham_burberryAhhh !!… for all those fashion photographers out there Brooklyn Beckham has just released his new book “what i see”  his very own personal photography book! At only seventeen he’s signed with labels as big as Burberry, Pull and Bear, and for the son of Victoria Beckham and David Beckham, he’s seen to go far in the fashion world. What with the publishing house Penguin Random House, announcing earlier today that he’s publishing his first book, “what i see”,  with his collection of  original photograph’s and insights into his fashion lifestyle, whats not to love about the up and coming fashion photographer. Rumor’s even have it there  will be around 300 photos including his personal shots of his family, So expect to see Victoria Beckham and David Beckham through Brooklyn’s lense, Can’t wait.

Instagram has announced Brooklyn’s new book and I thought I would join in too, There are  pre- orders available and signed copies at the penguin house website follow my link !! Already ordered mine, and can’t wait !!

Releases May 2017 and will be full of street photography and his own words ! Can’t wait for “what i see” – BB to be released !!

Loves …Dotwiz X.

|Power of Edge|

“Power of Edge” My GCSE Art Title for this term. so i’m just going to go straight in and skip all the words and phrases I have to write in my sketch book- i’ll just show you the images and I think there pretty cool !!!

SO… these are my original photographs, with “EDGE” being interpreted as fashionable edgy, But i wanted to add a bit of sparkle

SO… i used my all time favourite tool photoshop to mess around with layering and all that jazz. issy-layeringissy-layer-3issy-layer-2

Playing around with “EDGE” also meaning a sharp Edge…lol. And btw the tatoo’s are because I’m linking my themes of feminism and power together with this theme of “power of Edge”. Let me know what you think will be posting more DOTWIZ glamour over the weekend. Also forgot to say… it was modeled by my mum !!, but all photography is origninal to me.


B & W Portrait Photography

I started the summer off with a title ‘Expressive energy’ my GCSE art topic. Which lead onto facial expressions. Now painting and drawing stunning portraits I find a little tricky so I tend to go along the path of abstract paintings or photography which I love.

So I grabbed my brother (the poser in the photographs) and hauled him into our sitting room where I set about controlling the light with barn doors, and I used a  reflective background on the photographs which I wanted to express his whole face.

I used my beginners EOS Digital camera, on manual setting with a shutter speed of 100 matched with IOS 800 and F5.6. I loved this combination as I found it blocked out the background allowing myself to effectively be able to put my camera on a Black & White setting, enhancing the colour grading and shadows even more dramatically.

I hope you liked my my photography portrait examples any enquires please feel free to email myself via

Keep an eye out for more of my photographs and my Light room experiences X.



Whilst  trecking across the crisp winter fields, allowing shorts  (my v.fury dog) to enjoy his night time sniffs, the sun started to disappear leaving behind a trail of colour and beauty. Along our walk I knelt behind large puddles and ponds to catch the sunset in the reflection and the sky,magnifying the colours.Photographs taken by my Iphone 6 then edditd via photoshop. LOVES WIZ X.








IMG_9103The little wings hiding in the flowers … yellow, black and all to fluffy. Bees tiny little bumble bees, which always remind me of fairy’s dancing around the flower beds collecting pollen and bringing the flowers alive.

IMG_9099So when i was in our garden watering the flowers only to realise i was scaring away the little bumble bees, i ran beck inside to grab my camera and take a snap shot of the little creatures, in there own tiny world, doing there   own tiny jobs, like we do ours.

And i wondered what it would be like to live a IMG_9102simple life where you flyaround the flowers collecting pollen to take home and turn into sweet honey which i don’t actually know if they even eat or not, but there we go.

And when i was lost in my own thought i got lost even more by imagining all the tiny or big lives that go n around us how every one animal or human insect or bird. how we are all doing the same thing. Travelling out of our homes to work ad collecting money or pollen in which we use to look after our selfs and the IMG_9098bees use to make honey.

But both of us getting lost in our own lives, and how the bee was so busy collecting his pollen that he didn’t notice me which my camera peering into his life, and how many little creatures we must not notice in our daily life yet all of u are doing the same thing, but all of us clueless to each other.



Photography is Melissa-Rodwell-Photography-01art with many different views, its designed to inspire and create moods and atmosphere that you wouldn’t normally see outside of the lens.

As Ansel Adams said “you don’t take a photograph you make it” because two people could take a photo of the same thing, but come out with completely different photographs because its what you make your photography into. What you focus on and enhance.

Some of the most beautiful photography has been fashion based photography, with a certain standard of elegance and creativity to fit the looks. Vogue and Elle magazines are full of amazing photos and images that really make the magazines, filling them with colours and moods.