|Power of Edge|

“Power of Edge” My GCSE Art Title for this term. so i’m just going to go straight in and skip all the words and phrases I have to write in my sketch book- i’ll just show you the images and I think there pretty cool !!!

SO… these are my original photographs, with “EDGE” being interpreted as fashionable edgy, But i wanted to add a bit of sparkle

SO… i used my all time favourite tool photoshop to mess around with layering and all that jazz. issy-layeringissy-layer-3issy-layer-2

Playing around with “EDGE” also meaning a sharp Edge…lol. And btw the tatoo’s are because I’m linking my themes of feminism and power together with this theme of “power of Edge”. Let me know what you think will be posting more DOTWIZ glamour over the weekend. Also forgot to say… it was modeled by my mum !!, but all photography is origninal to me.


Beauty Brows

caraeyebrows Eye Brows are a MAJOR part to our beauty routines now, With BIG being in totally in. Ever since Cara Delevingne won model of the year award in 2012 and 2014 her brows have been everywhere. They are almost as famous as she is. And when she was asked “how do you get them?” .. she replied i do nothing, i don’t even let other people touch them. Cara has literally convinced an entire generation to ditch tweezers. And are now turning to eyebrow pencils and extensions……LOVE WIZ