Gym Shark Style with Smaller Price Tags

So the world is in lockdown at the moment, we have all stopped moving, but that doesn’t mean we should stop working out! and in style of course. 

One of the gym industry’s biggest clothing providers is Gym Shark and we all know why, its completely restyled out gym clothes with bright colours and compressed fabrics its one of the most popular gym clothing brands out there. However, it does come with a biggish price tag so I thought I would combine some of my favourite gym brands, that have a similar style to Gym Shark – just a bit cheaper ! 

These are my top 5 gym clothing brands for cheap prices: 

1. Stonger:

Stronger is defiantly one of favourite online sports brands, mainly because its so unique in its bright prints and patterns – sporting designs you really cant find anywhere else. Instagram model and model of Too Faced Makeup, Michelle Randolph is also an ambassador for Stronger, positing it all over her IG! The price is also very affordable especially with their current 40% off Easter Sale! Click here to check it out! 


2. Neuapparel:

Neu Apparel is so so cool, I have to admit I myself have already made some orders with this up and coming brand. They are a mix of gym clothes and lounge wear, emulating a Skims underwear range as well – which I’m just loving right now. They’re a more street edgy brand, and are really well priced with leggings for around £30.00. They too also have a sale on at the moment to click here to check them out ! 


3. AYBL:

AYBL – able, is another epic up and coming gym wear brand competing against Gym Shark. The style is much more neutral, whilst still maintain that famous long sleeve, cropped top and gym leggings look that Gym Shark has become famous for. They are defiantly up there are one of my favourites! Click here to have a look yourself. 


4. Womens Best Wear: 

Womens Best Wear, is the clothing brand of the famous fitness website/ blog Women’s Best and its not letting us down. With a huge range of colourful designs I can’t recommend them enough. Unlike Strong, Women Best has less patterns and more single bold colours in their designs, with 30% off sale click here to grab a deal, and brighten up your workouts! 


5. Pursue Fitness 

Pursue fitness is very similar to Gym Shark in its style and design! with fabulous sports bras and matching gym leggings this is a brand that is all over instagram at the moment. Pursue is currently offering a site wide sale, so click here if you wish to check out their designs.  

Stylish Sweats & Where to get them

As a uni student, spending most days reading in the library requires loungewear, but its increasingly difficult to find stylish sweats that aren’t boring! So I wanted to write this article to help those like myself find comfy sweats whilst maintaining that expensive styled look that Hailey Bieber constantly emulates!! (I know I’m a little gel at times).

For those lucky readers that have a little extra slush to play with these are the shops I would recommend for stylish and — oh so trendy street sweats these are the brands I would suggest:

  • Erys

Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 12.43.59

Erys is the merch website for Jaden Smith, and along with his music videos these sweats do not disappoint! Filled with vibrant colours, edgy slogans this is total streetwear for guys and girls alike. Worn by Jaden himself these aren’t too pricy for the celebrity name they come with, and unlike Beibers Drew House, Jadens Erys is much easier to get hold of – for now. But I predict in a year or two when he has reached the height of Beibers fame these too like Drew will be almost impossible to get your hands on.

Click here to check out Erys.

  • Drew House

Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 12.46.36Drew House for those of you who haven’t heard of it, is Justin Bieber’s fashion brand, featuring the hottest casual sweats and baggy jeans that are so street the Beckham boys are regularly seen wearing them. However, these although they aren’t too pricy, are incredibly hard to get hold of, so I would advice to join the mailing list if this style is calling you.

Click here to check out Drew House.


Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 12.48.08

MKI MIYUKI ZOKU Was created by Vik Tailor, and since opening in the UK in 2010 it has achieved huge successes and is now one of the most desired clothing and sweater brands, due to the high quality of the product and trending street style.

Click here to check it out.

For those of you like me — Uni students who still lust for the nice bits but can quite afford the price tags just yet these are the brands I would suggest taking a sneaky peak at:

  • Collusion

Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 13.10.58

Collusion is a recently new brand to hit the street but it has done so with extra passion and edge that even the likes of Drew House are needing to compete with. Their styles feature bold bright colours, edgy designs suitable for guys & girls with a price tag suitable for us all! So for those of you who would like to wear sweats like the Kardashians or Supermodels then you need to check out this brand, its styling is unreal.

Click here to check out their stock.

  • ASOS Design

Screen Shot 2020-02-26 at 10.37.48

ASOS Design is a brand within the clothing house ASOS, it features both male and female categories although I still shop in the guys sections because they have some seriously cool stuff too. ASOS Design has an epic sweats range tho, you need to search for this via the search bar tool, and you will not be disappointed, there are so many hidden gems its unbelievable, and at a mixture of prices too.

Click here to explore more of ASOS Design sweats.

Hope you enjoyed this little piece,

Lots of love Wiz X.